English speaking online meeting (for BNI members only)!

1st of September (Thursday), 2022 2:00 PM
London time (GMT/UTC time zone) via zoom.

Event duration up to 1 hour.

The best fit for BNI members from health and beauty industries or who want give and get referrals from HBpwt VIP members.

60s for each participant to represent own business (each message must be oriented to health or beauty categories for more clarity of this power team).

3 blitz 10 min. sessions (only 2 people per room)

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Invitation to the International English speaking event for BNI members only!

HBpwt events list for 2022 year:

September 1stThursday2:00 PM
September 12thMonday9:00 AM
September 29thThursday2:00 PM
October 10thMonday9:00 AM
October 27thThursday2:00 PM
November 7thMonday9:00 AM
November 24thThursday2:00 PM
December 5thMonday9:00 AM
December 22ndThursday2:00 PM

UTC/GMT (London time)